All puppies between 0-4 Months must have a copy of their veterinarian books on each show and it must be handed in at the admin.

Open dogs have to be sterilized after 6 months of age, and a copy of the sterilization certificate must be submitted to admin, after 6 months if the sterilization certificate is no on record, points will be lost.

Micro chipping is a compulsory requirement and all dogs to be micro chipped before the end of 2014. Your dog’s microchip number is to be submitted with the dog’s registration papers, to admin for record purposes. Dogs will be subject to random scans at shows.

All entry forms are to be completed by entrants before the show and brought with. Should a form be filled in incorrectly the dog will be disqualified, and all points forfeited for that day.


Listed below are the rules and training requirements for the various events within the PBFSA. Please familiarize yourself with these rules of the PBFSA to qualify for points.


Please familiarise yourself with the rules:

  • Right of admission is reserved.
  • Any person entering the show grounds also known as “Toutrek Park” do so at his/her own risk.
  • Toutrek Park or PBFSA will take no responsibility for any damages caused by any person or dog.
  • Damages caused by any person or dog are the sole responsibility of the person or owner of the dog.
  • The use of Alcoholic drinks is strictly forbidden and any person caught will immediately be disqualified.
  • No alcoholic refreshments, drugs, etc is allowed on the show grounds!!
  • Keep the grounds and toilets tidy.
  • Please don’t park any vehicles beyond the danger tape.
  • All dogs must be on a leash no longer than 1.5m with a collar.
  • No child under the age of 16 will be allowed to handle a dog.
  • No negative comments from fellow competitors will be tolerated.
  • Any aggression towards the judge, or arguing with the judge could lead to immediate disqualification.
  • Only dogs of which the handler/owner are a member of the Federation can officially improve club records, and qualify for the price associated with it.
  • No physical aggression or any form of abuse towards animals will be tolerated, and handlers will immediately be disqualified.
  • As our Organization (PBFSA) are against the use of any dog for illegal purposes/activities, please respect this view point, any propagation of physical taking part in such events on the show will cause immediate disqualification.
  • No dogs will be allowed on the premises that are not entered in the day’s events.
  • All dogs will be held in the designated holding area until called for participation.
  • There will be no facing-off of dogs.
  • No females in heat or pregnant will be allowed to show.
  • No man biters please!!! Any dog showing aggression to humans, or human showing aggression to dogs, will be banned from participation.

No dogs or puppies may be sold at the show grounds.

High Jump

Please familiarise yourself with the rules:

  • Dog must be 18 months or older.
  • ALL dogs must be weighed at entry before they may compete.
  • One (1) minute per height will be allowed.
  • No resting between jumps.
  • The handler must supply the bait. The handler may touch his dog before it starts with a jump, but not while it is in the motion of a jump.
  • The bait may not be touched by handler during the jump.
  • The bait may be stabilized only by the officials.
  • The qualifying height is 1.5m.
  • You must catch your dog; no dog may land on its own during a jump.
  • Should your dog become aggressive during jumping, it can be disqualifying.
  • Dogs may not be tipped into a dustbin the release the bait.
  • Handlers have one (1) minute to retrieve the bait from their dogs. Once this minute is up, and the bait was not retrieved, the dog will be disqualified.

The judges’ decision is final.

Long Hang

Please familiarise yourself with the rules:

  • Dog must be 18 months or older.
  • ALL dogs must be weighed at entry before they may compete.
  • Each dog will be allowed three (3) attempts.
  • Attempts should be made in concession.
  • A maximum rest period of 30 seconds will be allowed between attempts.
  • The handler may not touch his dog or the bait while the dog is busy hanging.
  • A hang will start when the dog’s back legs are lifted from the ground.
  • Dogs may not jump up for the conveyor, the handler has to place the bait in the dogs ‘mouth while it has all 4 paws on the ground.
  • If a dog bites trough the bait, the dog must be taken off.
  • All dogs’ teeth have to be inspected by the judge before the dogs begins hanging.
  • The time hung will count and the attempt must be deducted from the three (3) available attempts.

The judges’ decision is final.


Please familiarise yourself with the rules:

  • Dogs must be 2 year or older to compete.
  • ALL dogs must be weighed at entry before they may compete.
  • Dog’s harness must be checked before any dog may compete.
  • Any human aggression or bites will not be tolerated and will result in immediate disqualification.
  • Handler must hook the dog onto the trolley and be able to hook the dog off.
  • Injured dogs (limping, lameness etc.) must be withdrawn and will be noted on the judging form.
  • As of January 2015 – All NEW dogs starting with weight pulling MUST do so on command.
  • Dogs that are older than 2 years and have pulled before using bait have up until June 2016 to change from bait to command.
  • NO CHOKE CHAINS will be allowed on or near any dog in the weight pull area.
  • No clicking of leash clips and shaking of keys allowed.
  • Each dog only has 3 fouls or 6 alibis.