Mission Statement


  • To always portray the American Pit Bull Terrier in a positive and holistic way in South Africa. Focusing on the breed and the dogs as a whole.
  • To educate the South African public on the breed on all platforms to ensure as many people are not only aware of the breed in society but also aiming to change negative perceptions of the breed in Society. Education to take place through the media, community engagements, outreach projects and social media.
  • To continue to detest and speak out against any animal cruelty, and to distance from any person, organisation or business that has been implicated in and or convicted in any animal cruelty especially dog fighting.
  • To host and conduct shows according to a strict ethical standard. Judges are to be fair and neutral, with the sole aim of preserving the American pit bull terrier in its original form. Exhibitors are to show healthy, uninjured dogs according the rules of the PBFSA. The welfare of each competing dog is always to be the top priority of any show.
  • To always co-operate with the National Council of SPCAS (NSPCA) and Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). The PBFSA will endeavour to maintain open channels of communication with both organisations and will report any suspicion of cruelty to animals to the NSPCA.
  • To commit to joining the force free training revolution, by promoting the humane training of the dogs. We are against the use of any aversive training method. Any demonstrations or activities done by the dogs has got to be done using force free methods, and without the use of any aversive training tool. This will include dogs that are invited to events. Thus being an example to the public on how to be a responsible compassionate owner.
  • To always be sympathetic to the burden placed on the Animal welfare system in South Africa due to irresponsible breeding. The PBFSA will endeavour to assist and donate to the various shelters who are working with the American Pit Bull Terrier, IF they are proven to be legitimate and operating legally.