Folks a reminder all dog fighting reports should only be sent to the NSPCA. Never posted on facebook. The best chance these dogs have to be saved is if you are smart and cautious with your information If you see something that does not look right. Do not comment. Send your suspicions to NOBODY Read More

Incomplete show entry forms

Show goers are once again reminded to please complete their show entry forms properly. These are official documents and filling in of details is not optional. Incomplete forms not only make the work of the admin department difficult, it also makes updating our database a problem. As of the next show, should forms not be Read More

Shelters Supported by PBFSA

Hi Folks. Kindly note that the PBFSA is not a rehoming organisation. As much as we would love to have every pit bull in a home, we just do not have the facilities or resources to do this. Those who are looking to adopt can contact the organisations who we feel are above board The Read More

Kennel44 notification

Notification from Kennel44 The PBFSA received an official email from Kennel44 this afternoon, notifying us of the fact that her yard is now closed. This means that she will no longer be allowing any studding out of her males, there will be no puppies available for sale should she breed, and no older dogs will Read More

Dog fighting

The PBFSA is strongly opposed to the use of the American Pit Bull Terrier for dog fighting. The only mandated organisation fighting and prosecuting dog fighters  the the PBFSA recognizes is the NSPCAs  Special Investigations Unit . Their proven track record and the results they are getting in the fight against dog fighting sets them Read More


    A video for every dog owner, parent  teacher and responsible adult. Children and dogs should not be losing their lives in tragic accidents. Dog bites are not a pit bull thing. All dogs will bite if they are put in a situation that requires them to defend themselves the only way that they Read More

Follow up on KZN stolen dog

    The follow up to the stolen dog in KZN. Folks we cannot stress this enough. KEEP YOUR DOGS SAFE! 1: MICROCHIP THEM 2: STERILISE YOUR DOGS. Your unsterilised dog is very valuable to these deviant elements of society. An unsterilised dog is a source of income to a thieving backyard breeder and to Read More