Who are we?

The PBFSA is a breed specific show organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the American Pit Bull Terrier in South Africa. We host regular shows around South Africa, and we are also committed to educating the South African public about the breed.

What we stand for

The PBFSA’s main goal is always to portray the American Pit Bull Terrier in a positive light. We pride ourselves on adhering to a strict code of ethical conduct, which we believe is vital when owning the most misunderstood breed in the world. We are totally against the fighting of dogs, and we detest animal cruelty. The PBFSA strongly opposes the breeding of unregistered pit bull terriers, and we openly encourage sterilization and responsible pit bull ownership.

We are the first show organization to have an open class for unregistered dogs. These dogs can show and earn points and titles, but they have to be sterilized. This aims to encourage the dogs’ owners to show rather than to fight and breed, thus adding to the burden on the animal welfare system.

What we do.

Actively promote the American Pit Bull in an honest realistic way.

Encourage owners to be responsible for their dogs and to take ownership of the breed by:

  • Taking their pit bulls to training at reputable training school, that only uses force free humane methods to train their dogs
  • Sterilizing their American Pit bull
  • NOT BREEDING UNREGISTERED DOGS or Breeding for the sake of breeding.

Host shows on a regular basis under strict rules that take the dogs’ welfare into consideration.

Regularly engage with the South African public via the media, talks at schools and community functions and at a grass roots level to constantly educate and make the public aware of the breed.