Statement Regarding PBFSA management

It has been brought to the attention of the PBFSA that there is a member of the public who have been claiming to not only be part of the PBFSA board, but also our most senior conformation judge in order to make herself look credible.

We thank the member of the public for bringing this to the PBFSAs attention. Our committee members are as follows

Executive Committee:
CEO Daniel Erasmus Junior
President: Jeanette Erasmus
Vice president: Daniel Erasmus senior
Ethics and Public relations: Lins Rautenbach.

Our judges panel:
Jeanette Erasmus
Daniel Erasmus snr
Daniel Erasmus Jnr
Lins Rautenbach ( also a sanctioned ABFSA american Bully judge)
Leigh-Anne Marks
Lehanda Rheeder
Corlien Bezuidenhout

These are the only recognised licensed PBFSA judges. They have completed the breed seminaar the judges seminaar and sat and passed their exams. They have also judged extensively

The woman claiming to be a part of PBFSA is not a member neither are we linked to her in any way. This is not the first time she has done this for self gain. We will be contacting the organisation she is with requesting that she withdraws her claims and should this not happen we will look at our options to take legal action against her.